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Fees for Mediation

When scheduling mediation, Mr. Hughes will visit with the attorneys by phone at the beginning of the scheduling process to determine a proper mediation fee for the case in question with the parties’ approval.

Each party shall pay their/its portion of the fee in advance of the mediation. The funds received before the mediation are deposited in Mr. Hughes’ trust account and not moved to his operating account until earned.

Concerning the division of mediation cost, the mediator determines how many (negotiating units) are involved in the case. Each party is responsible for his/its portion of the mediation fee. An example of a negotiating unit is a husband and wife who are making or defending a common claim. They are one negotiating unit. Another example of one negotiating unit would be a business organization with several business associates, all with the same interest in a piece of litigation and a common attorney. The determination by the mediator as to the number of negotiating units is final.

Fees for mediation service are at an hourly rate with a minimum number of hours, one-half day (4 hours) or one day (8 hours). Mediation fees in excess of the half-day or full day services may be charged after the mediation at an hourly rate related to the hourly rate of that particular mediation. The fees and expenses are divided among the parties (negotiating units) on an equal basis, unless the parties wish to do otherwise.

Location charges.
Any charges for use of a location will be charged to the parties in addition to the fees.